Background Investigations


Professional Licensing Boards

State by State Listing of Universities

National Sex Offenders Registry

The Corrections Connection (Inmate Locators)

Social Security Death Index

National Bankruptcy Database

Investigator's Toolbox

Dun & Bradstreet Reports

Legal Resource Sites


The Virtual Chase

Texas Legal Research Internet Sites

Internet Legal Research Compass

Law Guru


State by State Universities

The Internet Law Library

Legal Journals on the Internet

International Constitutional Law

International Law Office

Law Info

Hieros Gamos


CA Law Network

Cornell Law School Legal

Dumb Laws

Entertainment Magazine On-Line Legal Links

Expert Law


Findlaw - All Courts List

Internet Legal Resource Guide


Legal & Police Databases

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

Needle in a CyberStack

Research Links

Supreme Court Cases by Topic

Supreme Court -1990 to Present

Fraud Resources

National Fraud Information Center

National Check Fraud Center

US Postal Inspection Service Fraud Links

Fraud Over The Internet

SEC on Avoiding Internet Scams

Securities Fraud & Investor Protection





Internet Security


Security & Encryption Links

Cookie Central

Net Threats (PC World)

Internet Society

Privacy in Cyberspace (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)

Network Associates


Hushmail - Secure Email

Zixit - Secure Email

Steganos' Security Suite

Zone Alarm Free Firewall Software

Anonymizer - Online Privacy Protection
Federal Public Records
Center for Disease Control
Department of Justice


Federal Bureau of Prisons

US Circuit Courts Sites

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Federal Inmate Locator

Federal Rules for Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Web Site Locator

Immigration & Naturalization Service

Military Registry/Locator

National Transportation Safety Board Accident Reports

OSHA Inspections Database

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration's Current List of SSNs Issued

Social Security Death Claims Database

US Bankruptcy Courts

US Code Database

US Patent Database

Software Sites

HouseCall - Online (free) virus check.

Security & Privacy RocketChannel Virus, Security & Privacy software from Rocket Download (some free)

HouseCall Free Online virus checkup (works great with dsl or cable - will take hours with dial-up)

Bugnosis Detect Web Bugs - critters that interact with the cookies on your hard drive to send info via the web

PurgeIE - This cookie management software allows you to "protect" your good cookies. It also purges your internet cache and temp directories so that your surfing tracks are erased. Free trial.

Ad-Aware - Detects and removes "bad" cookies

Sygate Personal Firewall - We switched to this one when ZoneAlarm started causing conflicts. Seems to do the job.

Omniquad - "Desktop Surveillance" software. Free Trial.

Anonymizer - Not free, almost. Surf anonymously.

ZoneAlarm - free firewall software from GRC

PC Magazine - provides reviews as well as info on software

Jumbo - large collection of free ("shareware") software

Rocket Download - updated daily, mostly free

Webshots - free (this is where Tony's artwork came from)

Tucows - Free Desktop Themes & Screensavers

Cnet Downloads - 100s of Shareware files


ID Theft

Identity Theft Resources

U.S. Identity Theft Website

Street Smart

AARP on Identity Theft

Privacy under the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act

Department of Justice Identity Theft Website



Directories/Search Engines

The Ultimates Multi-Search Phone Directory


International Internet Phone Directories

Reverse Directories

Multiple Phone Directories including Reverse Directories

Area Codes - City to # and # to City (USA & Canada)

InfoSpace Reverse Directory


Internet Address Finder


Fast Search



Planet Alumni

Direct Hit



National Fraud Information Center


Virtual Librarian

Search Systems

Internet Research for Writers

Government Databases

Government Information Xchange

US Census Information

State & County Quick Facts

Business Searches

American Society of Association Executives

Charity Navigator

Better Business Bureau

Companies Online

Corporate Financials Online

Domain Ownership Search

Dun & Bradstreet

EDGAR Database of Corporate Information

NASD Broker Database

National Fraud Information Center

PR Newswire

Securities & Exchange Commission

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

US Chamber of Commerce

Yellow Pages Online