Engineering Background

B.S. in Physics and Mathematics
NASA Engineer:    Cape Kennedy, Florida                
                              Flight Crew Training  Building At Cape Kennedy 
                              Johnson Space Center, Texas        

"The Apollo Project"


NASA Engineer with primary responsibility for instructing Apollo Astronauts, [Apollo VII- XVII] in G&N (Guidance and Navigation) which included the operation of the AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer), alignment of the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), Ascent, Translunar Injection, Lunar Insertion, Rendezvous Targeting,  Return to Earth Targeting and Re-entry.  Secondary responsibility for SCS  [Stabilization & Control System--Backup to G&N.]

Member, Apollo XIII, Mission Operations Team and participant in the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for Apollo XIII

Managed the requirements, documentation and flight testing of the Space Shuttle uplink software (ground to air data link) including the activation software for the SAIL (Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab).

Experience: Houston-Galveston  

Attorney with McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, Galveston, Texas (1981-1988). Experience in personal injury and civil trial insurance defense:


Products Liability:   air handler; circuit breakers; security/fire alarm system; thermocouples; motorcycle/auto accidents; steam boiler; auger system; elevators; distribution system; gasoline station fire involving pump and nozzle; oil plant valves; aluminum bottle caps; cement unit; knife-gate valve;  drain declogger; oil field containers; scaffolding; polyethylene plant explosion; prescription labeling;  toxic waste sites; PCBs in transformers; silicosis; asbestosis.

Negligence: railroad crossing accidents; inhalation of toxic chemicals; defective house wiring; plant and building fires; oil field explosion; premise liability; medical malpractice; auto, truck and motorcycle accidents; Deceptive Trade Practices; property damage claims; lease dispute; failure to obtain insurance; negligent misrepresentation.

Criminal: Numerous examining trials; District Court trials including murder, rape, robbery and theft. 

Representative Clients or Carriers (Houston-Galveston): Amoco Chemical Corporation;  Allstate Insurance Company;  Amoco Oil Corporation; Bryan Steam Boiler; City of West Texas; Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Galveston; Eckerd Drugs, Inc.; Fleming Foods; Kmart Corporation; Kroger Food Stores; Leeds and Northrop Inc.; Monsanto Corporation; Otis Elevator Inc.; Safeway Foods Store; Santa Fe Railroad; State Farm Insurance Company; Tokheim Pump Company;  Texas City Terminal Railway Company; UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch) physicians;  Uzick Valve and Westinghouse Corporation. 

Experience: Fort Worth-Dallas 
Established Suchocki & Associates, P.C. in 1989, practicing in personal injury and civil trial
Products Liability: elevators; electrical receptacle, dairy milk tank and equipment; conveyor system; gasoline pumps; metal in corn feed; high pressure spray;  trailer braking system; hydraulic lift;  water heater;  mounting brackets; defective chair.

Negligence: auto accidents; apartment fires; residential security alarm system; nursing home abuse; nursing home negligence; medical malpractice; tractor-trailer/pickup collision; stray electricity in dairy barn; hardware disease in cattle; truck/auto collisions; eighteen-wheeler/bobtail truck collision;  residential fires; slip and falls; drowning; dram shop injury and wrongful death; electrocution; construction and steel erector wrongful death; gas well explosion; oil well water pollution; premises security; welding, business fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty; highway construction accidents.

Deceptive Trade Practices: Art 21.21;  breach of good faith and fair dealing; insurance coverage; underinsured/uninsured motorist; misrepresentations; sexual assault in a tanning salon; fire alarm/smoke detector systems; conveyor systems.

         Trial Experience: Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law.  Tried over one hundred cases.